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Supermarket retailers are vital to improving farm animal welfare in the food supply chain. The influence they have over the welfare standards adopted by food producers is enormous due to their buying power, the number of shoppers they attract, and their ability to promote one product over another.

We have been working with major retailers since 2001, to recognise industry leaders in ethical food through our biennial Supermarket Survey.

The Supermarket Survey scores and rates supermarkets on their policies, performance and overall approach to farm animal welfare. It provides companies with a free, tailored, gap analysis tool to enable them to manage welfare in their supply chains more effectively.

The current survey reviews the welfare standards for laying hens, broilers, pigs, dairy cows and calves only. Retailers are benchmarked anonymously against their industry peers using the highest and lowest percentage scores for each area of performance to maintain confidentiality.

The Supermarket Survey is open to all major European supermarkets.

Our biennial Retailer Awards (part of our Good Farm Animal Welfare Awards programme) are driven by the Supermarket Survey results and are awarded for performance, innovation and communication in farm animal welfare.

Companies participating in the Supermarket Survey are automatically considered for the Retailer Awards.

2017 Retailer Awards

The latest Retailer Awards were presented at the 2017 Good Farm Animal Welfare Awards held on 28th June in London.

Waitrose picked up both the overall Best Retailer Award and the Best Retailer Marketing Award for their ‘Everything we do goes into everything you taste’ campaign.

Tesco received the Best Retailer Innovation Award for their leading work to introduce a humane slaughter system for sea bass and sea bream into commercial practice. 

Compassion will celebrate its ‘Retailer Awards’ again in 2019.

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