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Best Retailer Award

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The Best Retailer Award goes to the company that achieves the highest overall score in surveys for broilers, laying hens, pigs, dairy cows and calves, and on the company’s overall approach to farm animal welfare in the biennial Supermarket Survey.

We score retailers on their answers to questions detailing their policies, rearing conditions of the animals and the measurement of key welfare indicators. The Best Retailer award goes to the supermarket with the highest score across the most species.


In 2017, Waitrose achieved outstanding scores in the Supermarket Survey and was presented with the Best Retailer Award at the ceremony in London. Their constant aspiration to be the best and to do what is right for animals and for their customers makes them true leaders in Europe and they justly deserve the title of Best Retailer.

In 2013, the Best Retailer Award was presented to Marks & Spencer

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