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Why is animal welfare a business priority?

All animals reared for food are sentient beings, capable of feeling emotions such as fear and pain, as well as pleasure and happiness. They deserve a good quality of life where they can experience positive mental and physical well-being whilst being free to express natural behaviours.

For over a decade, our corporate engagement team has worked with the world’s leading food companies to raise baseline standards of farm animal welfare throughout their supply. We provide support with policy development, welfare improvement, transparent reporting, and the communication of higher welfare policies and practices to their consumers.

As with land animals, fish are sentient beings too, and increasingly through our programme we work with companies to improve the welfare and slaughter standards of the trillions of fish – both farmed and wild – which are used for human consumption every year.

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How can we drive welfare improvements?

Our work on welfare reform drives commitments, compliance, and implementation of higher welfare systems and practices, focussing on key areas such as good breeding, provision of enriched environments, the removal of confinement systems, and ending routine mutilations, as well as promoting humane slaughter, and how to measure welfare, amongst others.

Using key tools such as our Good Farm Animal Welfare Awards, Supermarket Survey, the Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare, and EggTrack, we drive a programme of continuous improvement across the food industry, supported by our resources and communications.

Our Impact

To date, more than 2.5 billion animals are set to lead better lives due to the programme and our corporate partners’ commitments.

Our Impact

Focus by species

Our work focuses on improving the welfare of key species such as laying hens, broiler chickens and fish, but we also work industry to raise standards for dairy cows and calves, pigs, rabbits and turkeys. 


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