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BreFood GmbH

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2 awards

2 awards

Good Rabbit Award (2015) Good Rabbit Award

Year: 2015
Region: Germany
Category: Breeding does; Fresh rabbit; Frozen rabbit; Further processed and ingredient

Status: Commitment

Rabbit Innovation Award (2014) Rabbit Innovation Award

Year: 2014
Region: Germany

Brefood are the first company to be awarded the Good Rabbit Award for their commitment to the welfare of rabbits.

“Animal welfare is the primary concern in our business. We developed our ground-reared-rabbit-project in China together with our partner Qingdao Kangda Foodstuffs Co. Ltd. and continuously developed together with Four Paws.

Because of our ground reared rabbit project the German retailer we supply decided to restart rabbit products in their product range. We have had many discussions in order to persuade the buyer of the project and thus ensure no cage reared rabbits are sold in German supermarkets any longer.

Our only business advantage is due to the ground-reared-rabbit-project. Our brand depends on this project and the label of Four Paws and we assume that consumers connect our brand with animal welfare.

We will continue improving our animal welfare standard to better the housing conditions of the rabbits more and more. We are in contact with a veterinary university to optimize the group housing of the does. Tests are running to find the best system for group housing."

Ricarda-Maria Kockerols, General Manager - BreFood

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