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Cargill Animal Protein (Anhui) Co., Ltd. Growout Farms


1 awards

1 awards

Good Chicken Production Award (2018) Good Chicken Production Award

Year: 2018
Region: China
Category: 3 Star

Status: Current Policy

2018 3 Star Good Chicken Production Award for meeting the following criteria.

  • Basic requirements (including a maximum stocking density of 33kg/㎡ and daily record keeping) – current policy
  • Increased space allowance (indoor littered system and maximum stocking density of 30kg/㎡) – current policy
  • Management provisions (leg health plan) – current policy

Cargill Animal Protein (Anhui) Co., Ltd. was set up by Cargill in 2011. It has established a complete industrial chain project integrating feed production, hatchery and breeding, poultry meat processing and deep processing in the Zhangzhou region of Anhui Province. The entire industrial chain can process 64.8 million live chickens each year under full production. Cargill Farm implements a strict biosecurity system and adheres to Cargill’s overarching animal welfare policy, personnel safety and food safety standards. The entire industry chain strictly complies with the country's current environmental laws and regulations. Cargill Animal Protein China is committed to becoming a safe and cost-effective supplier of animal protein leaders, and has worked tirelessly to improve China's food safety standards. They are awarded a 3* award based on their current policies on rearing chickens at a maximum stocking density of 30kg/m2 and for implementing a leg health monitoring programme across their farming base.

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