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Kipster Kipster

Company name: Kipster

Sector: Manufacturer

Awards (2)

Best Marketing Award

Year: 2018
Region: Netherlands

Best Marketing Award (2018)

Good Egg Award

Year: 2018
Region: Netherlands
Category: Whole eggs or shell eggs
Status: Current Policy

Good Egg Award (2018)

"We want to show the world that animal welfare is definitely a realistic option in combination with environmental friendliness as well as financial feasibility. To this end, we developed a new system where sustainability and animal care do not compete. We have the highest ranking (3 stars) regarding animal friendliness from Dierenbescherming, the Dutch animal protection association. Our eggs are carbon neutral, we reduced fine particle emissions to almost zero and we have no land use for feed, because we feed our birds with a diet made from leftovers."

Olivier Wegloop, Managing Partner, 2018