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Sutton Hoo

Sutton Hoo


1 awards

1 awards

Good Chicken Award (2012) Good Chicken Award

Year: 2012
Region: United Kingdom
Category: Fresh Chicken

Status: Current Policy

"On the 1st March 2009 Charles Brinton Nash, the founder of Sutton Hoo poultry, died suddenly. The everlasting passion that Charles had for rearing poultry to the highest possible welfare standards lives on with every chicken that carries the Sutton Hoo label. I know that Charles would have been immensely proud to have won the Compassion in World Farming Good Chicken Award as it honours the outstanding achievement of one whose life was tragically cut so short yet whose legacy survived.

I hope that this award will continue to inspire Charles' wife Belinda to maintain the successful relationship between Sutton Hoo and Diaper Poultry which began in August 1999 and establish the Sutton Hoo way of rearing poultry as a template for others to emulate."

Arthur Diaper, Director - Diaper Poultry

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